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The International Federation of Doctors and Advocates for people with Down Syndrome (IFDADS), which is concerned with medical, educational, cultural, health, legal, and other concerns regarding Down Syndrome, considers the T4 Operation-the elimination of human beings with genetic differences and physical and mental abnormalities-as one of the deadliest events in human history. According to the federation, eugenics in countries like Iceland, which has resulted in 100% abortions of fetuses with Down Syndrome, is closely tied to the T4 Operation.
In this respect, we invite all professors, students, and researchers to submit their articles on eugenics and the complete elimination of people with Down syndrome to the federation. We hope that the publication of your informative articles will prevent the continuation of eugenics and the repetition of projects like T4. Interested parties can submit their articles to IFDADS email address until October 1, 2021:

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