Please Take Action Against Dawkins’ Recent HATE SPEECH towards Down Syndrome

Dear Signatories of CRPD: Please Take Action Against Dawkins’ Recent HATE SPEECH towards Down Syndrome;

Eighty years ago, the Nazi Party’s Office of Racial Policy wrote on one of his most famous posters: “60,000 Marks. This is the cost that people with a genetic disease impose on society during their lifetime. Dear citizens, this too is your money.”

Richard Dawkins recently said that a mother has a responsibility to ‘abort the baby and try again’ if she knows her baby would have Down Syndrome. Such remarks remind us of Hitler’s T4 Aktion, during which thousands of people were killed because of mental or physical disabilities.

Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination” and article 3 implies the right to life for all.

We should make these articles binding and criminalize any deviation, especially when it targets human dignity and the right to live. Since taking a human soul by a human being is painful even in words.
As George Santayana said: “Those who can’t remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” Therefore, we must move towards a future free of similar Aktion by acknowledging the past and condemning any violation of humanitarian beliefs.

Please sign and share this petition.

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